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The best photographs tell a story. Whether it's about a place, a product, or the human condition. I strive to create images that reveal something compelling about the subject. I'm still amazed at how many places that a camera has taken me. I have had behind-the-scenes looks at many lives and occupations that few people ever see.

Jerry Jones' Reality:

For over twenty five years, Houston Commercial Photographer Jerry Jones has worked with art directors, communications and marketing directors, graphic designers, and photo editors to craft images for advertising, branding campaigns, annual reports, corporate publications and editorial publications in Texas and the world.

Corporate Photographer Jerry Jones holds a degree in Photojournalism from Texas A&M Commerce and is based in Houston, Texas. He frequently travels on assignments to Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio and many other locations. Jerry Jones, Houston Photographer began shooting with film, but became an early adopter of digital imaging in the early 1990's, first working with scanned film and moving on to digital capture. He is as comfortable creating images in the studio with a digital camera tethered to a computer as shooting "from the hip" on location.

Jerry Jones now shoots digital exclusively, offering digital post-production services such as retouching, compositing, optimizing and enhancing images. After listening to the client's needs and objectives Houston Photographer Jerry Jones' strong narrative talent can be used to create images that support the corporate philosophy within the ad, annual report or image library. He is also easy to work with and works well under pressure.

A partial client list includes:
Brookfield Properties, Chevron, Cliffs Drilling, Continental Airlines, Crocker & Reynolds, Cushman & Wakefield, DXP, ENTELEC, Exxon Mobil, Fogarty Klein Monroe, Frito Lay, The Gonzalez Group, Inc Magazine, Input/Output, Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Kvaerner, Menninger Clinic, Morgan Stanley, National Coupling, National Oilwell, Pennzoil, Renkus-Heinz, Renaissance Greeting Cards, Richie & Gueringer, Shell, Soho Publishing, Solvay, Tesco, Texaco, Texas Monthly Magazine, Unified Resources, USAA, and VetcoGray.